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About cinetext[english][german]

cinetext is a bilingual internet forum for film and philosophy located at the University of Vienna (Austria) addressing students, researchers, scholars, and anyone with an interest in the thoughtful exploration of cinema, film, and television.

Welcome to CINETEXT

cinetext is designed as a collaborative project. We appreciate all contributions, which help us to maintain the growth and quality of this site. Open a discussion at the cinetext mailing list or send in a film review. Expand our collection of cinetexts through the submission of an original arcticle or a paper you've written during one of your courses. Add a synopsis, book review or commentary in the annotated bibliography of the cinetext film books section. Or simply tell us about a new or recommended site we've not yet included in our selection of cinelinks.

All languages are welcome. However, for the benefit of us and our mailing list subscribers we recommend submitting texts in German or English. Titles and descriptions are usually given in the text's original language in order to indicate the language of contributions to cinetext.

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The cinetext mailing list provides subscribers with a quick and easy way to exchange views, commentary and criticism, announce upcoming events and publications or point to other relevant resources available on the web. All contributions are saved in the mailing list archives.

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cinetexts is our small but growing collection of filmwritings, including reviews, articles, papers and essays written and contributed, by scholars, students and members of the cinetext mailing list community. New submissions are usually added as soon as they become available.

Contents include:

cinetext presents:
Schüren Verlag 2003

Robert Blanchet
Blockbuster: Ästhetik, Ökonomie und Geschichte des postklassischen Hollywoodkinos
(published April 2003)

Buch-Begleitseite mit:
- Rezensionen
- Einleitung
- Inhaltsverzeichnis
- Video-Clips...
- und regelmässig aktualisierten Links zu weiteren Online-Ressourcen.

cinetext film books

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Created in association with Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de, cinetext film books keeps you up to date on new and recent releases, provides you with comments and information about standard texts and recommended readings, and let's you order books directly from the Amazon branch most convenient for you, by following one of the shop links added to each entry of our growing database. Using this free service is a way for you to support cinetext.


fwdBrowse our link section to find what, we believe, are some of the richest and most useful film related sites and resources on the web.

Categories include:

Cineastisches Wien

Film Casino, Wien

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...and take a tour with Michael Totschnig trough the "cineastic" landscape of Vienna. Currently this site is available only in German.

cinetext is located at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna
maintenance and contact: Robert Blanchet & Horst Tellioğlu

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