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The cinetext mailing list provides subscribers with a quick and easy way to exchange views, commentary and criticism, announce upcoming events and publications or point to other relevant resources available on the web. It is your connection for an active participation in the development of cinetext. All contributions are saved in the mailing list archives. Reviews, articles and papers are usually added to our collection of cinetexts as soon as they become available.

We're looking forward to hear your opinions and appreciate all submissions, which keep this site growing and alive.


To make joining and leaving the list as convinient as possible, we've created an easy to use subscribtion form for you.

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Should you have trouble or require further information please contact the list owners Robert Blanchet and Horst Tellioglu.


Almost all e-mails within

anno Domini.

Please don't treat this archive as an historical document. It has been edited and censored according to certain aesthetical, technological, political, and orthographical principles.

Sending an e-mail to the cinetext mailing list does not in any way restrict the author's copyright. Therefore the author is entitled to modify her contribution to the archives at any time.

If you want your contributions to the mailing list modified or deleted please notify the list owners.

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