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Mailing List Subscription

To join or leave the cinetext mailing list, please enter your e-mail address.
Optional! If you wish you may also enter your name.

Is it dangerous to subscribe to the cinetext mailing list?

NO! The only risk you take is the possibility of receiving messages from the other members of the list and that these messages might be written in a language other than your own. Actually, as of now there haven't be to many as you may confirm by browsing the mailing list archives.

You can unsubscribe from the list at any time. Just use the form above, enter your e-mail address, and click on the unsubscribe button.

Your e-mail address will be used for the purposes of this mailing list only. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. We try to prevent robots from scanning your e-mail address, for technical reasons however we can not guarantee this safety at all times.

To avoid spamming the list is configured as a moderated list. This means that unrelated or unwanted submissions will be intercepted and held back from you and the other members of the list.

What happens after I subscribe to the mailing list?

You automaticly receive all e-mails the subscribers choose to send to this list and you may start or join a thread yourself by sending your own messages to the following address:


cinetext@cinetext.philo.at is the address of the mailing list. Note that this address is not the same as the address of the mailing list administration program "majordomo", which is majordomo@cinetext.philo.at. You may use this second address to send certain commands to the administration program. Some useful and common examples are:

You can send these commands as plain text in your e-mail message. Make sure not to use any subject headers though.

But what exactly happens, when I click on the subscribe button?

An e-mail containing the message "subscribe cinetext" is sent to the administration program "majordomo", which is running on the computer "cinetext.philo.at"". This program adds your address to a list. This list is used to send messages addressed to cinetext@cinetext.philo.at to all addresses included in the list.

If you click the unsubscribe button an e-mail containing the message "unsubscribe cinetext" is sent to the program "majordomo". You will therefore be removed from the list.

As you can see, the subsciption form above only makes it easier for you to join the list. If your www-client does not support forms you may also send the message "subscribe cinetext" to majordomo@cinetext.philo.at.

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